Hannah's Homemade Heavens


Our products

We make our bread and pastries fresh every day

  1. Pies
    We offer pies on hand or to order at the bakery for any occasion!
  2. Delicious pastries
    Delicious pastries
    The show case is filled daily with your favorite homemade pastries.
  3. Fresh bread
    Fresh bread
    The bakery offers fresh baked breads daily on our bread racks.
  4. Fantastic cakes
    Fantastic cakes
    Cakes and cupcakes can be ordered for your next party!
  5. Doughnuts
    Fresh variety of doughnuts are available at the bakery
  6. Cookies
    We offer many types of cookies, all your favorite classics and our best seasonal flavors.
  7. Seasonal Treats
    Seasonal Treats
    At special times of the year we make festive treats. Whether it's superhero day or Christmas cookie season. We're making something to celebrate.
  8. Coffee & Espresso
    Coffee & Espresso
    Come in for a fresh cup of coffee or espresso drink everyday!