Hannah's Homemade Heavens


About the Bakery

Welcome to Hannah's Homemade Heavens! At the bakery we create fresh bakery treats daily. All of our homemade items are made in-house with no preservative and taste just as good as grandma used to make. In fact, a lot of our recipes have come from grandma! We use only the finest ingredients and the smells can draw people in from miles around! We've been in business since 2015 and are a key member of our local community, with everyday regulars and new customers coming back time after time.  We hope you get a chance to stop in or place an order at Hannah's Homemade Heavens, where there is truly no taste like homemade.  

Meet the Baker

Hannah dreamed of owning her own bakery since she was little. She came up with the name Hannah's Homemade Heavens at the age of 13. Hannah graduated from High School in 2014 and opened her dream bakery on October 1st 2015. Today you can find her baking Tuesday-Saturday at Hannah's Homemade Heavens, 117 Churchill St. West Stillwater, MN. Hannah still dreams of expanding her bakery someday so keep an eye out for her and her new adventures.